Enduring through the years is the essence of the Masiques Group. The secret to our success lies in the involvement of several generations.

Founded in 1890 by José María Masiques Tassis (1859-1930), the Group begins its activities as Customs Agent, in the maritime branch in particular, with activities such as Ship Owner and Shipping Agent.



 The golden age of these latter activities - that of Ship Owner - is from 1930 onward, with a very considerable fleet of motor-sail coasters and motor-vessel coasters dedicated to coastal shipping.

The fleet grew to over fifteen vessels; at the head of the Group was Miguel Masiques Tabé (1901-1980), a key figure in its expansion and someone with great presence in the Spanish maritime sector. He was to receive the “Medalla de Plata al Merito en el Trabajo".

The third generation is the current Chairman, in the form of José Miguel Masiques Furné, whose goal is to seek to answer and adapt to the needs of the market, reinforcing other areas and creating the framework on which the Group is based today.

Bearing in mind that adaptability and flexibility have been key to the survival of companies in the maritime and port sector, we believe that, whilst respecting the past, he has known how to shape and change loss-making activities for sound bids in other business fields, such as those of today.

The fourth generation joined the company at the end of 2005, in the person of Managing Director José Miguel Masiques Jardí, with the goal that is the signature of the “house”: adaptation to the needs of the market.

Our activities are detailed in other sections, but let us close this chapter with what has always been our hallmark:



José María Masiques Tassis

Miguel Masiques Tabé

José Miguel Masiques Furné

José Miguel Masiques Jardí

Operador logístico de café y cacao

The Group maintains a close relationship with the community of Coffee (Brokers, Traders, Roasters...) which has resulted in the Group's leadership for this important traffic:

  • Barcelona International Terminal
  • Masiques Norte
  • Customs Logistics